Blanco Brown

Blanco Brown Joins Tim McGraw for Touching 'Don't Take the Girl' Performance

Blanco Brown has been one of the biggest and brightest breakout stars of 2019, responsible for the full-fledge craze that is “The Git Up.” The feel good, line dancing Hip Hop – Country hybrid caught fire earlier this year, blending the two worlds that Brown came from. The singer was raised in...
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Blanco Brown on How “The Git Up” Challenge Came to Life

“Around 2008, I was doing traditional country records. So I got to the point where I was like, ‘I want to put some more pizazz on it,’” the genre-bending Blanco Brown explains of how his hit record came to be. “The Git Up” is Blanco Brown’s line-dancing hip hop song. Traditional country flare is...
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